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FLNerds 2020 3 Cybersecurity Tips

Cybersecurity risks never cease evolving and adapting to the finest efforts to thwart them. That's good for job security, however it can lead to IT support companies some sleepless nights. Here are 3 Cybersecurity Steps Every Company Needs to Adopt that will help you dodge this cybersecurity curveball in 2020.  Protect Your Critical Infrastructure:   The weakest link on your security infrastructure isn't your server or your firewall....

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flnerds com Computer Repair in Florida

Quality computer repair in Florida, or any surrounding area should be a high priority for small to medium sized companies. The key to getting the maximum benefit would be to hire a computer service provider that knows how important it's to keep your computer operating at optimal performance and running without virus, malware, or spyware interference. Places like Best Buy are notorious for doing dirty...

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computer repair services in Port St Lucie

Before deciding on a computer repair company in Port St Lucie, it is essential for folks to understand the services available to them. By researching the various websites and seeking further details online, it will be easier for a person to choose the right computer repair service based upon their requirement. Don’t wait until your computer catches fire before bringing it somewhere.    Diverse Culture, Diverse Technology   Computer...

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cybersecurity threats

The Internet has become one of the most useful tools that people can take advantage of. We've even begun to reach a point where artificial intelligence can handle daily tasks like turning on the air conditioning for us. Unfortunately, there are few things more frustrating than when a computer isn't functioning the way that it's supposed to. This is especially true if you're in the...

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cybersecurity threats

If a cyberattack is successful, on average, it can cost a small business almost $54,000. Not only do you have to spend money to fix your cybersecurity holes, but you may also lose valuable data, such as your customers' information and/or your trade secrets. Cyberattacks don't just harm businesses either. These criminals go after people like you too; if successful, they can steal your bank details...

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business network security

Do you believe your network is safe from a cyberattack because it’s so small? Think again! In fact, 43% of all cyberattacks target small businesses, and this number continues to grow. Today, one out of every 40 small businesses are at risk of cybercrime with more cybercriminals seeking these businesses with minimal network security, which makes them an “easy target.” If you want to ensure your business...

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flnerds secure wifi

      With the proliferation of smart homes, Wi Fi networks has become a must-have for many families these days. Really, you can’t fully enjoy the new wave of home products, smart TVs and mobile devices without Wi-Fi connectivity. And to enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity, you need secure routers. These are devices that enable different internet users to connect multiple networks, routing the traffic in a fast,...

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how to prevent computer viruses

Do you think those basic security features on your computer are enough to provide protection from malware? Think again. 2018 was the year of the "mega-breach" in malware attacks, affecting big businesses like Facebook, Quora, and Marriott. In fact, the number of records compromised increased by 133% from 2017. If it can happen to billion-dollar businesses, it can happen to you too. As the number of security cyber...

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