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Florida Nerds Business Services

Who are we?

We’re your on-call IT solution in Southern Florida, available 24/7/365. Put an end to the waste of time and productivity when your whole business stops to try to figure out what’s wrong with your network. Forget about the agony of trying to hook hardware up correctly. Say no to the hassle of shutting down work to deal with a software upgrade and data migration.

That’s what we’re here for. When you need us, we come to your shop, your office, your studio, your warehouse. No matter what time of day or night, you call, and we’re there. We’ll get you back on track so you can get back to work.

What can we handle? Here’s just a taste:

  • Operating system installation and configuration — Yes, we do Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Service for your tablets and smartphones
  • Assembly and build of PCs and smart servers
  • Detection, removal, and prevention of viruses and spyware.

What Can The Florida Nerds Do For You?

Tell us what you need, and we’ll do it. It’s that simple. Repairing your laptop’s broken keyboard? No problem. Setting up that new Wi-Fi router? You got it. And more. So much more. Keep reading.

We'll Set Up Your New Tech

New printer? New router? New computer? Whatever it is, we’ll get it set up and running in no time. And yes, we’ll migrate all your data to your new computer. It’s all part of the job. Call us at 772.200.2600..

We'll Help You Plan for New Tech

What’s the current state of your tech? Are your infrastructure, hardware, and apps meeting your needs? What are your organization’s pain points? We’ll analyze, evaluate, and help you find up-to-date solutions.

We'll Get Your Web and App Servers Running — Fast

Do you need to get your server up and running quickly? We can usually get a server online and ready to go in under an hour. (Whoosh!) And that’s for Windows, Linux and BSD. Do you also have to migrate data and software? We’ll handle that for you. Call us at 772.200.2600 to discuss your options.

We'll Provide the Hosting Services You Need

If you depend on applications that require a single-tenant environment, look no further. With the FL Nerds Server Virtualization, you get the tech, security and performance requirements you need with all the benefits of a cloud-like infrastructure model. Enjoy the agility and cost savings of VMware® or Hyper-V virtualization, and we'll manage vSphere® and all the underlying infrastructure.

We'll Provide Endpoint Protection

Each endpoint is a launch pad for a potential cyberattack on your network. That means you need protection. We deliver multilayered protection that incorporates AI, file reputation, behavioral analysis, and advanced machine learning. We'll set it up so you can see and manage all your endpoints from one screen, both on-site and in the cloud.

We'll Protect Your Data, Too

And your customers' data. First we run a security threat analysis to determine your IT risks. Then we lock down your computers and network so the bad guys can't even get close.

A Few More Business Services We Can Provide:

Okay, maybe more than a few. Take a look:

Complete Business Automation
Disaster data recovery with immediate emergency on-site response
Network performance improvement
Analysis of your network and system needs, with software and hardware choices
Server administration (Windows, Mac OS, Unix)
Network administration
Systems integration
Remote access solutions
Dedicated or shared web hosting
Choosing hardware and software for your business & budget
Database development using SQL, MYSQL, Oracle, and Postgres
Storage (SAN and NAS) and backup
Computer and application training for your employees
Complete relocation services
Network setup and configuration (Cisco, FS, Juniper, ask us for more)
Diagnostics and repair of all systems

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